[Mono-list] Announce: Nemo 0.1

Anders Rune Jensen anders at iola.dk
Wed Nov 28 15:09:58 EST 2007


I'm very pleased to announce Nemo 0.1. Nemo is something we here at
iola have been working on for quite some time. To sum it up, Nemo is a
file manager for those who would rather have their files manage
themselves. Now that is a bold claim, but I think the model we use in
Nemo is different enough from the hierarchical tree structure mindset
that it at least will stimulate some new thoughts on how we can tackle
that hard problem :-)

Nemo is written in C# and uses Tracker to search for files. We
currently don't have support for beagle, but it is something we will
at in the near future. Our aim with Nemo was to be desktop search
engine independant and thus we are very much looking forward to the
introduction of Xesam as a unified way of talking to desktop search

You can find more information and screenshots here:


Anders Rune Jensen

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