[Mono-list] Which IDE?

sasha trofimich at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 05:20:14 EST 2007

> If you save your aspx files in VS.NET in UTF8 encoding with byte marker, 
> then everything will be fine with non-english letters.

It's clear, but what should i do with big projects which contains 
thoutands files in CP1251? I only know how to save single file in UTF-8 
(Menu File -> Advanced save option) and i don't know any settings in VS 
for setting UTF8 as default encoding for all files :-( Maybe you can 
give me some advice?

> I develop in VS.NET a fairly complex application and deploy it on 
> linux/mono .
> For me everything works smoothly. I haven't had a serious problem with 
> mono for a long time now.

You are very lucky man :-) I've posted many bug reports and some of them 
still not fixed, for example bug with ObjectDataSource which i'm using 
in all my projects. So last year i can't port any my application to mono :-(

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