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Engler, Eric Eric.Engler at zcsterling.com
Tue Nov 20 13:18:24 EST 2007

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>I know the SharpDevelop and really is very good. But the idea 
>is to use a single IDE under Windows and Linux

With the recent improvements to WinForms support in Mono it might make
sense to port SharpDevelop to Mono. I've already extracted the
SharpDevelop TextEditor component and I will port that to mono as time
allows. It seems mostly compatible.

Maybe we could take the minimalist approach of removing all of the
non-essential SharpDevelop features and just get a working core on Mono
to begin with. SharpDevelop has morphed into a very large project and
much of it wouldn't really be considered essential.

The biggest stumbling block would be the Windows Forms designer which is
completely incompatible with Mono. SharpDevelop is just leveraging a
Microsoft designer that isn't present in Mono. If we could live without
a forms designer then the core pieces can probably be migrated.

But perhaps it's easier for you to simply make MonoDevelop work on
Windows using GTK#. I have not tried this since my work is in WinForms.


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