[Mono-list] Does it run on Mac OS X?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Nov 20 12:43:38 EST 2007

> I have developed application for vocabulary learning using .Net 2.0 -
> flesh cards, tests, crossword and WordSearch generators, etc. As some
> people asked me to run it on Mac OS X, I moved it to Mono framework with
> some effort. The problem is that I do not have Mac so even that I know it
> runs on Mono on Windows I do not know if it runs on Mac.

If you install Mono on Windows, you will be able to test your
application on Windows and see if everything that you need works as you

Once that is done, it should be fairly simple to get it to work on the
Mac or Linux.   For the Mac you might want to eventually package it up
in a Mac-friendly way, and chances are you want to use Mono 1.2.6 as it
contains native Windows.Forms drivers.


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