[Mono-list] How to use Mono Compiler in Improve C# plugin forEclipse 3?

Harald Krapfenbauer krapfenbauer at ict.tuwien.ac.at
Tue Nov 20 06:31:05 EST 2007

Hey Tim,
You may want to try the Emonic plug-in for C# and Eclipse.
Although it's in beta status yet, it is actively developed (in contrast
to the Improve C# plugin) and is already useful!
Best regards,


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	To whom it may concern, 

	I have downloaded the Improve C# for Eclipse 3 today, it seems
to be running well.
	I can create the *.cs file without any problem.
	The problem now is the compiler argument in Windows
	I downloaded the mono compiler from here:
	The file I downloaded is :
	I don't know which file to choose for my argument, right now I
have C:\Program Files\Mono-\bin\setmonopath.bat because it is
what leads to the Run Mono with Command Prompt shortcut. 
	I run my code by clicking the red dot on the menu. I don't know
if it is correct. 
	My code is:
	 using System;
	public class new_file { 
	        public static void Main() {
	            // Add your code here
	              Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");
	But the console printout shows nothing.
	Please let me know if you know how to resolve these issues.

	I came, I saw, I wondered. 

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