[Mono-list] validators does not work

Daniel Nauck dna at informatik.uni-kiel.de
Tue Nov 20 03:42:00 EST 2007


the validator controls works very well for me.
Please create a small testcase that shows your problems.



Daniel Soto schrieb:
> Hi list.
> i have a problem with rangevalidators and comparevalidators. Appear as 
> if they not work.
> With rangevalidator, and when i set values in minvalue and maxvalue 
> properties of the rangevalidator, i obtain the error:
> HTTP 500. System.Web.HttpException: Minimum value cannot be converterd 
> to type Integer
> I test with other types, currency, double or integer, always i get the 
> same error. This runs fine in ms.net.
> Also, with comparevalidator, i set the controltocompare or 
> valuetocompare to an id of control, or a value, but the validation 
> always return false, still when the values are in order, for example, in 
> the compare validator i set valuetocompare to "0", operation as 
> "greaterthan" and type="currency" or any. After, i type a value greather 
> than zero in the control to validate, and the validation not pass.
> The customvalidator works fine.
> Both behaviors are bugs? Anybody can help me?
> Regards.
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