[Mono-list] Does it run on Mac OS X?

sds-sw at sds-sw.eu sds-sw at sds-sw.eu
Mon Nov 19 02:38:50 EST 2007

Hallo everyone,
I have developed application for vocabulary learning using .Net 2.0 -
flesh cards, tests, crossword and WordSearch generators, etc. As some
people asked me to run it on Mac OS X, I moved it to Mono framework with
some effort. The problem is that I do not have Mac so even that I know it
runs on Mono on Windows I do not know if it runs on Mac.

Is there anyone that would be so kind and try if it can be run on Mac? Of
course I will provide any number of free licences and any support.

Thank you

App: http://www.sds-sw.eu/public/EasyLearnMac.app.tar.gz
Doc: http://www.sds-sw.eu/download.php?file=doc/EasyLearnPC.pdf&lang=english

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