[Mono-list] LolCode on the DLR with Mono

R. Tyler Ballance tyler at monkeypox.org
Sat Nov 17 07:26:32 EST 2007

On Nov 17, 2007, at 3:08 AM, Sandy Dunlop wrote:
> Does anyone know why CreateDelegate is failing when called from the
> Microsoft.Scripting assembly?
> Is this something I can work around?


	I would guess it's because there doesn't appear to be a  
Microsoft.Scripting (at least at a first glance at my development GAC  
with the olive code installed), past the work in  
Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight. Have you tried referencing a  
Microsoft version of that DLL just to see if that much works? I could  
be wrong on this whole thing, but how often do I get to post a LOL cat  
to the mono list :)

Does the latest IronPython alpha (6?) work for you either?


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