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Tiit Kiigajaan tiit.kiigajaan at liewenthal.ee
Wed Nov 14 03:34:29 EST 2007


I've done a little research on mono's implementation of WinForms and to be honest, its pretty ugly under Mac and some features do not work under Linux. I have an assignment to find out the best way to create nice multiplatform UI using C#, so mono seems like only opportunity atm. But as i mentioned, WinForms on Mac do not look so good.
So i thoughed if there is possibility to use this nice new SilverLight/MoonLight thingy, as i understand that there is no way to make desktop WPF programs under mono yet.
But the requirements are to also call system functions and get access to filesystem etc, but this is not allowed from SilverLight. So i made a little test app with SilverLight that sends POX messages to webservice, that makes these system calls. Works nice in IIS and webservice works nice under XSP server also, but it seems that SilverLight 1.1 app does not work under XSP :-( 
And the bad thing is that SilverLight can communicate only with webservices under same webserver, so no possibility to use mix of XSP and IIS.
So my question is if maybe someone has any idea of how to use SilverLight or WPF or something like this for multiplatform desktop apps?
Btw i used XSP from release.

Thanks in advance,
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