[Mono-list] Installation on openSUSE (10.2)

Richard Couture richard at beauware.com
Mon Nov 12 10:59:10 EST 2007

I really need some pointers here. I'm faily new to Linux, but I can find my way around a bit. I have installed openSUSE in order to simplify my life since it comes with mono. Unfortunally that version of mono refuse to work for me. So I have downloaded the ZIP files (core and web) for my specific distro version. Now that's where the fun begin. For every RPM I try to install, it always tells me that I am missing this and that. Sure I can find those here and there on the web. As you understand, this is a very painful process (especially when you are on 56K modem, don't ask...).  Is there some way to get help for this process. I mean is there a list of those requiered pakages, a site. Well anything to help with this. What are you gurus do to install (a working copy) of mono going. So far I got XSP2 working, but not mod_mono on Apache.
I am not a hobbyist, I want to port an existing apps to Linux to offer my customer a better choice (not proved yet though) than MS.
Hoping to get some pointers,
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