[Mono-list] Process has not been started

Richard Couture richard at beauware.com
Thu Nov 8 19:24:55 EST 2007

I wish I'm in the right list.
I have OpenSUSE 10.2. The latest mono (1.2.5). Took me a long time to get it "sort of" working with Apache 2.x.  Now I am getting the error trying to run a vb code.

HTTP Error Code 500System.InvalidOperationException: Process has not been started.blablabla...
I have look everywhere I could think of for an answer to no end. The one answer that seems to always show is that vbnc is not in my path. I think it is cause if I type vbnc at the prompt, it does come up (giving me an error of course). 
XSP2 does, to a point, work, no error msg, but not the expected result either.
Yes I am quite new to Linux and all the side of the world. But "tabarnac" as we say in french, I cannot believe this has to be that hard to get running. 
Thanks for any help.


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