[Mono-list] Server.Transfer on ASP.NET page

laas laas.mono at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 04:27:25 EST 2007

I'm running my asp.net 2.0 app on apache with mod_mono2.
I'have a page "page01.aspx" with a textbox and a button. The button
has no "postbackurl" property just because on the click event I've
added the following code:

    protected void cmdGO_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {

On the page02.aspx I just get the value of the textbox and use it to
set the value of a label:

lblPAGE.Text = Request.Form["txtName"].ToString();

where txtName is the name of the textBox on page01 and lblPAGE is the
name of the label in the page02.

The first time I try to send text data from page01 to page02 the
system reload page01 cleaning the content of the textbox. If i try to
re-submit the page then it works. This happens every time I reload the
page01: the first attempt to submit the page executes nothing.

Is this a bug or something is missing ?

I've attache the 2 sample pages (4 files).


aka Salvatore
WebSite: http://www.laas02.org
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