[Mono-list] Desperately Seeking A Developer

Chris Nevener chris.nevener at appgenie.com
Sat Nov 3 13:32:11 EDT 2007

Hi mono Community!

We need a developer to write a library in C#, that allows an existing SSH and Telnet connection to a server to use Terminal emulation. The idea is to be able to, for example, start YaST or other VT based software from within our application.

We have C# SSH and Telnet libraries (purchased ones) already built in and working well in the application, but these can be replaced if you have, or need to (or could) write replacements for us.

We will scope the project together on the telephone (we are located in Germany), but need a programmer who has experience with terminal emulation. The library should be finished ASAP.

Anyone interested? Then please reply with an estimation of the costs involved, and when you think you could deliver something. 

Respond off list, please, for more information.

Chris Nevener

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