[Mono-list] A few ASP.NET 2 Bugs found.

Glenn Martin lifewarped at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 30 00:08:43 EDT 2007

Hi All,

This is all regarding ASP.NET 2.

So i found what i think to be a bug; heres the scenario. I have a master
page that onload sets the title of the page object it contains based on
where in the sitemap you are. When transferring my code from VS2005 to
mod_mono i found the code broke due to the fact that the title by
default in MS .NET seems to be an empty string object while Mono uses a
proper null.I was checking the length to figure out if it was empty and
thus it threw up an error.

Now, We have a navigation control build by finding its place on the
sitemap and changing its output to match. It also builds a list up the
tree of nodes to use later on. Everytime i try to get the parent node
from my correctly selected node it seems to return NULL. Is there any
reason why this might be?

Any help would be appreciated,

Glenn R. Martin
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