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Hello Juan Camilo,

2007/6/26, Juan Camilo Prada Ojeda <aquiles_caigo2 at yahoo.es>:
> Hello everybody!
> Right now im trying to learn to programm  in Mono, i have a one of my
> computers with an Ubuntu 7.04 installation and one with Fedora 7.
> Although i've search and find lots of useful information on the web,
> i've never found a really good guide that helps me install mono in a
> correct way specially for Ubuntu.
> Is there any .deb file with all the packages needed? (ubuntu case)

No. Mono is spread along various .deb packages.  You'll find a guide for
installing on Ubuntu 6.06 and guide you for doing on 7.04


In Fedora i tried downloading all rpm packages from mono official
> website (the ones for Fedora core 5) and when i try to install the RPMs
> i got an error message.
> I also tried using the .bin that is also in mono official website but
> when i install some other applications based in mono (Tomboy,
> Banshee...) stop working, and i cant start monodevelop

Since version 6.06 Ubuntu comes with a bit of Mono based applications
(Tomboy, Banshee, F-spot) and the mono runtime environment. The version of
the applications installed are some how tied with the Mono version so if you
change the platform the applications break.

Thank you for your help!
> Juan Camilo Prada
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Hope it really helps!


Martín Trejo Chávez
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