[Mono-list] make check and .config directory

Jurek Bartuszek koxta at koxta.net
Tue Jun 26 09:48:47 EDT 2007

>>> I've found a solution - I had to set XDG_CONFIG_HOME,  
>>> HOME to other locations. Thanks!
>> It seems that I've hurried a bit with the above statement. After  
>> doing:
>> HOME=/tmp/mono XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/tmp/mono XDG_DATA_HOME=/tmp/mono  
>> make check
>> I can still find some newly created stuff in /root/.config/.mono and
>> /root/.config/.isolated-storage. Am I missing something?
> On Solaris I once needed to export some environment variables for [g] 
> make check - passing them like this did not work for everything.

I've just tried this:

export HOME="/tmp/mono"
export XDG_CONFIG_DIR="/tmp/mono/.config"
export XDG_DATA_DIR="/tmp/mono/.local/share"
make check

but still I find some stuff newly created in ~/.config... more ideas?

Best regards,
Jurek Bartuszek

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