[Mono-list] make check fails

Jurek Bartuszek koxta at koxta.net
Tue Jun 26 09:46:22 EDT 2007

>> I'm running make check against mono-1.2.4 and I noticed that some of the
>> tests fail:
>> Failures:
>> 1) MonoTests.Mono.Unix.UnixGroupTest.ListAllGroups_ToString : #TLAU_TS:
>> Exception listing local groups: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Nie ma
>> takiego pliku ani katalogu ---> Mono.Unix.UnixIOException: Nie ma
>> takiego pliku ani katalogu [ENOENT].
> The test probably can't open /etc/group on your system.

I see, is there a one file that controls/lists all the tests so I can
remove this one from the set?

>> Failures:
>> 1)
>> MonoTests.System.Text.DecoderReplacementFallbackTest.DontChangeReadOnlyCodePageDecoderFallback
>> : Expected: NotSupportedException but was InvalidOperationException
>>   at System.Text.Encoding.set_DecoderFallback
> These are fixed in SVN HEAD.


Best regards,
Jurek Bartuszek

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