[Mono-list] Caching data

Andrus kobruleht2 at hot.ee
Mon Jun 11 12:16:30 EDT 2007


thank you.

> A solution, known just to few skilled developers, is to use memcached
> server with a C# client.
> Make a research on Google about this two issues and you will find
> "exactly" what are you looking for.

This seems too complicated for this type of task.
I need my application running in single computer.
So I must install and maintain separate server which is not in C# language
communicate with it using TCP/IP

> Another solution is to write your
> own cache manager to store data into the client filesystem and check
> for expiration and evictions average: it depends on the context you
> want to use the cache for.

This would be better solution. I'd prefer to use some existing class rather 
than writing my own.

I searced in google but havent found any cache manager for MONO .NET 2 
Winforms application.


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