[Mono-list] Caching data

Andrus kobruleht2 at hot.ee
Mon Jun 11 05:48:04 EDT 2007

I'm creating C# WinForms client-server database application in MONO.

This application reads data from PostgreSQL server using npgsql Dataadapter 
and DataReader classes and stores data mostly in Datasets and sometimes in 
business object properties.

A lot of lookup tables (payment terms, currency list etc) are static.
Currently application reads them from server when new window is opened over 
TCP connection
This makes application slow.

How to cache data in client side ?

Where to find caching module for .NET application ?

It it reasonable to use .NET 2 Web Cache object for this ?
MS Web Cache object doc says that it is designed only for ASP .NET 
Is it reasonable to use it in WinForms application or are there better
caching object available?

I cannot use MS Caching application block since my application needs to run 
Linux also.


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