[Mono-list] Same name for .dll and .exe problem

Claus Trojahn claus at home.neflux.de
Mon Jun 11 05:31:42 EDT 2007



i'm just starting with mono. So i created two test classes TestClass1 and
TestClass2 and compile them to TestClasses.dll. I have a class Program.cs
which references TestClasses.dll and is compiled to TestClasses.exe. If i
run the Program mono throws a System.TypeLoadException. If i change -out to
Test.exe everything runs fine.


So, is it possible to have same name for .dll and .exe ?



Makefile is (class code not included because its trivial):



  gmcs /t:library -out:TestClasses.dll TestClass1.cs TestClass2.cs

  gmcs /t:exe -out:TestClasses.exe -r:TestClasses.dll Program.cs



Hope this is the right list, because it's my first post here.




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