[Mono-list] critical problem !!!!!!!

mosser at polytech.unice.fr mosser at polytech.unice.fr
Sat Jun 9 12:04:02 EDT 2007

Hi Kamel.

It seems that you're trying to run a Lab Session I wrote with Michel &
Cédric ...

> I'am launch compilation:
=> should be 'When running compiler'
> mcs /target:library /reference:CarteDeVisite.dll
> AnnuaireDAL.cs

> resultat:
=> should be 'result' ...

> AnnuaireDAL.cs(12,10): error CS0246: The type or
> namespace name `CarteDeVisite' could not be found. Are
> you missing a using directive or an assembly
> reference?

Well ... you should definitively take a look to your namespace 'using'

 Sébastien Mosser
 EPU Polytech'Sophia - CS Dept.
 CNRS / I3S / Equipe Rainbow

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