[Mono-list] .NET Remoting

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Jun 5 12:49:50 EDT 2007

nemesis35 wrote:
> /////////////////////////////////////////////////
> That should work. But it doesn't, only when I make DLL files from Remote
> Class (CRemoteObj.cs) and Interface (IRemoteObj.cs). And then I must include
> these DLL files into my server and client. 
> I believe that this can work without DLL but I don't how, so if anyone has
> any idea, please help me. I will really appreciate it, I cannot go forward
> because of this. I don't want to use DLL files.

The short answer is: it cannot work w/out a shared dll, because when
the interfaces are compiled in both assemblies, their identities are not
the same anymore. The interfaces will be treated as 2 distinct
incompatible types.

If you don't like this, you have to drop the interfaces at all and
use stubs generated by the "soapsuds" tool (delivered with mono
and MS.NET). It's not worthwhile.


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