[Mono-list] ASP .NET AJAX Framework

Jens Wurster jw at zaubercenter.de
Mon Jul 30 04:37:38 EDT 2007


thanks for this update Miguel. 

I have compiled the assembly successful. The first error does
not occur anymore. I think it was my fault, because I was wondering
that this assembly was not compiled, so I used the assembly 
delivered by Microsoft. 

Now I have another problem. I am using the "AJAX Control Toolkit" to
check if everything working fine. I know that this toolkit is not
part of the mono project.

Firefox displays all correct, but other browsers like IE and Opera
put JavaScript errors.

Here is the output of the Opera error console: 
JavaScript -
Inline script compilation
Syntax error while loading: line 233 of linked script at
rolToolkit.ExtenderBase.BaseScripts.js;t=633195602000000000;n=t : 

JavaScript -
Timeout thread: delay 0 ms
name: TypeError
message: Statement on line 5: Type mismatch (usually a non-object value used
where an object is required)

  Line 5 of linked script
    var a = g ? new h(g) : new h(), b = Sys.Application, i =
if (f)
    if (d)
    b._createdComponents[b._createdComponents.length] = a;
if (a.get_id())
    if (i)
    return a;

  Line 5 of inline#5 script in
    $create(AjaxControlToolkit.AccordionBehavior, {ClientStateFieldID :
"Accordion1_AccordionExtender_ClientState", id :
"Accordion1_AccordionExtender"}, null, null, $get("Accordion1"));

  Line 5 of linked script
    for (var b = 0, e = a.length;b < e;b++)

      Line 5 of linked script
    Sys._Application.callBaseMethod(this, "initialize");
var a = this.get_events().getHandler("init");
if (a)
this._initializing = false;

  Line 5 of linked script
    return b.apply(a, arguments);
  At unknown location
    [statement source code not available]


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