[Mono-list] Trying to port code from my MSDN Article and having trouble.

Peter Kellner peter at peterkellner.net
Fri Jul 27 17:32:30 EDT 2007

Thanks Jonathan, that got me through one problem, now I'm having
another.  I've got a very simple asp.net project with one aspx file (no
codebehind) and a web.config.  Of course things my /bin directory also.


My problem is that in Mono-develop, when I now press the gears (run
command), I get this error.


Building Project: CIMWebMono (Debug)

Auto-generation of CodeBehind members is disabled. Skipping CodeBehind

Performing main compilation...

Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 0 warnings


error CS2008: No files to compile were specified


Any help would of course be appreciated.  Also, I am trying to get to a
point where I can debug by line number when I get a crash.  When I added
assemblies to my bin directory from the debug directory of other
solutions, will that give me symbols? (line numbers).





Peter Kellner





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Hi Peter,
     I'm guessing you tried to compile with mcs. You need to compile
with gmcs, rather than mcs, to use 2.0 features (like generics).


On 7/27/07, Peter Kellner <peter at peterkellner.net> wrote:

So, a while back I wrote an MSDN article on managing asp.net 2.0
membership with business objects.  I'm trying to port that code and
don't quite have it all working.  My first issue was I got a Data 
Conversion error which I don't get with Microsoft's .net.  I had brought
in the dll's directly and it was not giving me a line number.  So, I
decided to try and compile my 3 source objects.

I have a declaration like this that is giving me an error with mono: 
(using the vmware distribution).

        namespace MembershipUtilities

                [DataObject(true)]  // This attribute allows the
                public class RoleDataObject

                  [DataObjectMethod(DataObjectMethodType.Select, true)]
                 static public List<RoleData> GetRoles()
                return GetRoles(null, false);

The error I get from mono develop is:  CS1518: Expected
class,delegate,enum,interface, or struct'

Can someone point out what's not good about my syntax?  It's pointing at

the static line.  Also, when I get a runtime error, will I get the line
of code from my asp.net app if I have debug=true set in my web.config
and I compile the library that includes the above code with debug? 


BTW, my article on converting is here:

Peter Kellner

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