[Mono-list] Monodevelop doesn't start :(

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Fri Jul 27 10:31:22 EDT 2007

> Hi!
> Every dependency package I have compiled it did so without errors. There 
> were some warnings when compiling monodevelop about variables being 
> declared and not being used.
> Don't know if it is important, but the gnome-sharp package was not 
> compiled (but installed from a Slack package) because I couldn't find a 
> source for the gnome-sharp-devel package. I couldn't find the sources 
> for any -devel package for that matter. In fact it was very hard to 
> track down the sources for every dependency when compiling mono and 
> monodevelop from source :(. I mean my impression was that mono but 
> especially monodevelop is ment to be used only by people using Ubuntu, 
> SUSE, Debian and Red Hat :(.
> Is there a repository where one could find the sources for the 
> dependencies too? I would like to compile everything, again, from source 
> but from the same source. As it is now I gathered dependencies from 
> various places. Maybe that is the problem :-?.

This might be the source of the problem. Make sure that gnome-sharp and
gtkhtml-sharp are properly installed in the GAC. If they are, make sure
the versions ob those assemblies installed in the GAC are the same as
the ones used to compile MD.


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