[Mono-list] Updateting?

Carlos Adriano Portes xcap2000 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 17:32:53 EDT 2007

Has someone a tip for updating an application, a multiplatform one would be
great, in another post I asked about configuration and receiveid a lot of
good answers including NINI configuration library, now I'd like to ask for a
manner of updating an application or it's libraries, click once is nice but
it has limitations:

It seems to download the whole application when it updates, when it should
download only the dll or exe that has changed...
It install in a cache under user's application data...
It breaks your configuration files or reset them as we update, specially
when the source host changes...
If you want to use the same application with many users you will have to
install for each one...
As far as I know it is not supported in mono yet (it is not a limitation as
I am not planning to use it anymore)...

Thanks in advance.
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