[Mono-list] Monodevelop doesn't start :(

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Thu Jul 26 14:51:54 EDT 2007

> Thanks for the reply ... I have checked my configurations; check your
> Xml manifest. For example for the Monodevelop.MonoQyery:
> /usr/monodevelop/AddIns/MonoQuery and open the xml file. The
> Extensionpoints are part of the DLL files which are imported as assembly
> in the beginning of the file (well I think they are if I think logically
> :-) ) ... If the extensionpoint can not be traced, than perhaps the
> DLL-files which are imported aren't correctly compiled. You can try by
> removing the extensionline (be sure to make a copy of the original first ;-)

That won't fix the problem. The problem is that the add-in scanner fails
to scan the add-in that defines those extension points. But I don't know
yet why it fails.

> Let me know ...
> Best regards ..
> Danny
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