[Mono-list] Treeview, Mysql and databounding

Lorenzo Viola info at eulogika.net
Mon Jul 23 04:34:44 EDT 2007


I'm checking for the simplest way to databind a treeview to a
hierchical ordered table that I create on a mysql server

(the system is a debian+mysql+mono/asp.net)

I see that I can fill a treeview from a XmlDatasource like this:

<asp:XmlDataSource ID="xmlData" runat="server" 
<asp:TreeView ID="tvwSample" Runat="server" DataSourceId="xmlData" 

I'd like to do the same from a dataset filled from Mysql database...
(On Microsoft system, there is "<asp:SqlDatasource" )

I see that there is a ObjectDatasource class, but I feel that there 
should be a simpler
way, instead of creating all the enumeration system...

Or anyway a better way than creating every time a temporary xml file ....

Thank you and Best Regards

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