[Mono-list] [ANN] Monotooth 0.0.1 Released (pre-alpha release)

Aleksi Suomalainen asuomala at hytti.uku.fi
Fri Jul 20 06:11:42 EDT 2007

Hello everyone,

This email is to announce the first release of Monotooth, the bluetooth
library for the use of Mono and .NET. This release is considered very
highly experimental, since the code itself is very fresh.

This release is mainly an introductory release, just to display what
this library could become at some point. The highlights are:

* Partial bluez-library support, this means that bluez libraries will be
called (via marshaling), in addition to a separate library to aid
connections (libmonotooth). For the future, Windows will also be
supported, along with any other OS that has a good bluetooth implementation.

* A new design perspective for bluetooth development. Monotooth is using
factory design pattern to enhance portability of code.

What works? Well the device discovery works with 2 additional devices +
the local device (for still unknown reasons, the discovery crashes with
3 additional devices). RFCOMM connections work too, L2CAP connections
are still untested. Service oriented connections work on both
registration and listening of service and UUID-wise connections (search
for a specific service in a device and connect to it).

Sources are available from SVN, hosted by Sourceforge (I recommend this
approach to download sources):


The project site:


Documentation (updated 16.07.2007 13:50):


I am very open to suggestions, questions, patches, requests and bug
reports, so please send them :).

The official IRC channel for monotooth resides in FreeNode and its name
is of course #monotooth.

PS. See the INSTALL file in the SVN for instructions.

PPS. The release of 0.0.2 is now available at sourceforge.

Best Regards,

Aleksi Suomalainen
asuomala at hytti.uku.fi

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