[Mono-list] Saving configurations?

Carlos Adriano Portes xcap2000 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 18:21:04 EDT 2007

What is the best way for multi-platform configuration? IMHO application
settings from framework 2.0 is the best way to save application specific
settings, but it does not seem to work in latest mono, on the other hand we
have gconf which is much better than windows registry (IMHO) and works great
on linux with minimum amount of code, knowing this situation I ask more and

1 - What is the best way for multi-platform configuration?
2 - Is gconf configuration system available on windows, or planned to be?
3 - Am I right to say that configuration settings from framework 2.0 does
not work on mono, that is, it surely works and I am doing something wrong?
    (Lets explain this one, I can read values but not write them, when
writing the application does not crash o warn anything but writes nothing,
the values do not change)
4 - Should I create my own way of doing this task, have you any idea as I
have none?

Thank you in advance.
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