[Mono-list] Embedding Mono problem with PythonNet

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Wed Jul 18 12:26:26 EDT 2007

I did some additional testing. It verifies that PythonNet and my code
for embedding Mono is working. The main() method initializes Python and
PythonNet. The PyRun_SimpleString() method imports the System assembly
and prints its representation. The code does exactly what it is suppose
to do.

// gcc `pkg-config --libs --cflags mono` -I/usr/include/python2.5
-lpython2.5 clrbin.c -o clrbin
// InitializePythonNet() from my clr.c file

int main(void) {
    PyRun_SimpleString("import System; print System");
    return 0;

I'm really confused :(


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