[Mono-list] Mono on RHEL5

Adrien Dessemond adrien.dessemond at softhome.net
Wed Jul 18 08:13:28 EDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-18-07 at 06:21 -0400, kubota2550 at gmail.com wrote:

Hello !

> Are there any plans on updating the rpm selection to include a newer
> Fedora or RHEL5?  I'm running the RH clone, Centos 5 and would like to
> install via rpm with a repository.  

I have installed it on a Centos 5 (the bad way : use packages built for
RHEL4 dependencies) and run into the following issues : 

1. Mod_mono complained about unsatisfiable shared objects dependencies,
I do not know how the problem has been solved precisely but a couple of
packages installations seems to have fixed it. May  I had made a wrong
manipulation too somewhere. 

2. For some mono packages (I think about mono-tools for example), yum
complains about it can't resolve the dependency with

In last resort, you can also use the generic installer. It works fine.

Kind regards,


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