[Mono-list] GCC front-end for CIL

Paul Skinner Paul.Skinner at uec.co.za
Wed Jul 18 02:25:35 EDT 2007

First off, my apologies for not replying to the list. I do appreciate your guy's input on this.

The devices range from 6MB of RAM upwards. This is mainly because we are supporting 10 year old hardware.

What I am ideally looking for is a cross platform development environment. Certain of our models run apps on top of middleware while others run native applications. This is due to business factors (client requirements, etc...) not technical reasons.

As a software developer, I would love to develop across all our current models and future models. .NET and Mono offer a wonderful opportunity for us to do this.

Can anyone give me an overview of what it would take to develop a device backend for Mono?

Paul Skinner
Software Engineer

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On 07/16/07 Paul Skinner wrote:

Please keep the replies on the list thread, thanks.

> I am not sure off hand what memory is available on all our

If you don't give us any info we can't give you useful advice.

> models. However we are required to give client exact estimates of the
> functionality that can be achieved with the limited memory. Thus running
> a garbage collector is less than ideal.

C# and IL code require a garbage collector.


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