[Mono-list] Native Mono UI widgets

Jacobo Polavieja jacobopolavieja at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 11:55:20 EDT 2007

Miguel de Icaza escribió:
>> I don't know if the mono team plans to implement that (I thing there's
>> no mid-term plan for start hacking on it), but is mostly like having to
>> write another toolkit from scratch, am I wrong?
> Some code exists, but we are not focusing on it yet, there are many
> other pieces that are required.
>> Maybe that's the reason we're never gonna have it. It would be nice to
>> have it, anyway.
>> Maybe the implementation of Moonlight could lead to WPF in the end?
> They look very similar, but we believe that we will end up with another
> implementation.   We will probably learn a lot from Moonlight, and maybe
> some of the high-level code can be reused (like the widgets built on top
> of the engine).
>> From my humble point of view... it seems like GTK+ is getting too hard
>> to update and add new things due to it being written in C or other
>> issues. It seems like Qt is much more better designed, and so could be
>> WPF, but this can be completely false as I'm not an expert in this topic.
> If you are willing to break compatibility, plenty of things can be done.
> But breaking compatibility is not high on the list of the Gtk+ folks
> (and I suspect the Qt folks as well).

Thanks for all the info.

> But we do agree that you do not know much about what you are talking
> about.

Was that really needed? When someone says in advance he may be wrong
there's no need to say, "hey you really have not f***ing idea!". You
really didn't seem that kind of guy.

Anyway, thanks for all.


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