[Mono-list] Native Mono UI widgets

Adrien Dessemond adrien.dessemond at softhome.net
Mon Jul 16 22:05:04 EDT 2007

Hello Jacobo !

> Isn't something similar what would need to be done if we wanted to
> support WPF?

I haven't read it in details yet, but here is something that may answer
to this point :


> From my humble point of view... it seems like GTK+ is getting too hard
> to update and add new things due to it being written in C or other
> issues. It seems like Qt is much more better designed, and so could be

Object models appreciations varies from one fellow to another, the most
important is "it must do the job" at the end. If you have a better
felling with QT go with it, if you have a better feeling with GTK, go
with GTK. 

The most important is to deliver a stable and robust product with an
easy to use and well integrated interface. A toolkit or another is most
of the time a personal preference or if you work in a project a project
decision based on many factors.

Kind regards,


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