[Mono-list] Embedding mono - Final year project

Alan McGovern alan.mcgovern at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 12:15:16 EDT 2007


I'm just throwing out some ideas at the moment for my final year project,
and mdx4ever (on #mono) was joking about having a hardware device that
downloads torrents. Thing is, I'd be interested in giving that a shot ;)

So, what i'm wondering at the moment is how hard would it be to get crap
together for creating a device that can communicate via ethernet, handle
reading/writing to a hard drive (or memory card, or any storage device)
which can also run mono. Memory usage is typically well under 20 megs for
standard usage of monotorrent and the most CPU intensive part of the whole
torrent process is the SHA1 hashing, so i could probably get away with
fairly low end hardware.

So as i know nothing about this topic, any links on reading material, tips
or advice would be appreciated. If this is going to involve a lot of C/C++,
i'll probably give it a miss as the time it would take to get up to speed on
that wouldn't be worth it considering next year is final year, and i should
be studying.

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