[Mono-list] Project for Win/Mac Mono experienced coder

jackpotdk jackpotdk at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 07:15:30 EDT 2007


I hope I'm allowed to make this posting here - Otherwise please accept
my appologies.

I'm looking for a Mono experienced developer to assist us with a
commercial project. We're fine with outsourcing this, so this may be
something for you if you have free time or are a student.

We have a .net / XNA based project (a game) consisting of a) the game,
and b) an API. We would like to be able to distribute the game as an
installable package for PC (and optionally Mac), and see Mono as a
sensible solution.

We need someone to help us with:
- Getting the game to work flawlessly on PC (and optionally Mac) as a
native .EXE through Mono.
- Make sure the API is ported in a manner that allows us to re-use for
future projects.
- Optimizing the size of the redistributable
- Generating and documenting a package we can use to generate install
packages of the current and future games.

If interested, please send a mail to jackpotdk at gmail.com with
information about yourself and projects you have worked with. If it
looks like you can do a good job, Ill return more information to you,
and you can make me a commercial offer.



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