[Mono-list] Sqlite data type

ALESSANDRO PINNA airraid75 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 13:53:26 EDT 2007

Hi !!!
I've a nervous breakdown.....

using the sqliteclient.... specify version 3 in the connection
i create a table with this string

CREATE TABLE schede (indice smallint,scheda smallint ,lezione
smallint,nome_esercizio varchar(100),num_esercizio smallint,mod_esercizio
varchar(100),note_esercizio varchar(100),imm_esercizio blob

when i fill the dataset using the sqlitedataadapter

myDAP.Fill(myDS, "schede");

as result the data type in every column is  String String String String
String String ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Why ?????????
Help me
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