[Mono-list] Native Mono UI widgets

Jonathan Pobst monkey at jpobst.com
Tue Jul 10 19:06:48 EDT 2007

You are looking for the WinForms toolkit.  This is our implementation of 
Microsoft's System.Windows.Forms toolkit.  However, unlike Microsoft's 
implementation, which wraps win32 common controls, all of the controls 
in Mono are written with 100% System.Drawing.



Ernesto Bascon wrote:
> Hi everybody:
> Maybe this is a more "philosophical" or "political" than technical
> question, but,
> Why there is no a native Mono UI widgets framework written on top of
> System.Drawing? [à la Java Swing]
> That's just because "no one has worked on it" or there are some more
> deep decisions [on supporting more GTK+].
> Kind regards,
> Ernesto
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