[Mono-list] Mono dumping core when run as a CGI

Paul Hoffman phoffman at proper.com
Sun Jul 8 18:24:21 EDT 2007

Greetings. We are developing a command-line C# program to run under 
Mono. So far, everything is fine: it compiles fine, and running the 
resulting .exe from the command line works as expected.

I also want to run this from a web form, from a Perl-based CGI 
script. When I put the program in the CGI, Mono consistently dumps 
core. When I give the exact same command that is being executed from 
the CGI on the command line, it works fine, with the expected 
results. When I put the same command in a Perl program that I run 
from the command line, it runs fine.

Thus, it seems like that Mono is dumping core due to a permissions 
problem based on it being called from a CGI as an unprivileged user. 
How do I figure out more about why Mono would dump core when run 
under a CGI? I would like to bring as much info to this list as is 
useful, but a silent core dump doesn't seem to be it.

I am running on FreeBSD, with Mono built from the package system. In 
case it matters, the web server is Apache.

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