[Mono-list] Philosophical Question - Why .NET on UNIX?

Adrien Dessemond adrien.dessemond at softhome.net
Tue Jul 3 13:33:26 EDT 2007

> This is utterly ridiculous. All these things are obvious. I mean,
> suggesting I join a Delphi forum? (previous post) As if somehow I
> hadn't participated in so many for so many years -- or a guy who has
> possibly the most marked up copy of CLR via C# extant doesn't even get
> the basic concept of .Net yet. I think there's a better thing to do. .<br>

Please chill out. No one launched any personal attacks of any kind against
you. Alan, Miguel and many others have taken the time to answer and answer
you again and I do not see any personal blames in their prose.

In the IT world everything changes and can change very quicky and it is up
to you to "sniff" what is coming and anticipate moves. I perfectly
understand your frustation against this always-moving-world but.. how
could I say... "This behaviour is by design" :-) An IT career is marked by
milestones and rocky roads but this is the game and you have to anticipate
what the future on this road will look like and do adequate moves.

Take your skills at your advantage, you seems to have a good experience in
Pascal/Delphi and Pascal/.Net compilers are available. If you are quite
new to the .Net world, take your time to explore it from your Delphi basis
and see what it can do for you. You will be amazed of how your existing
skills associated with a "new start" can be a benefit for you.

> That's all. But that's a big thing to me. Still, I my purpose in
> mentioning this was to point out a division -- MS is betting on diverse
> executables everywhere; the succeeding, competing browsers are

You may disagree to that but this is the rude law of the IT Market. They
have to make profit, and to make profit they have to sell/innovate and.Net
is a keypoint in their goals. Imagine what the IT market would look like
if Java would have been available.

I do not know if you already played around with old Win32 C/C++
applications but the first time I used C# 7 years ago I ensure you it was
a real pleasure to not rewrite the plumbering again and again and spending
weeks on debugging funny stuff like null pointers issues or memory leaks.
>From a project point of view, using .Net/Java has the main advantage of
being able to focus on the application design and documentation and to
reduce potential bugs by reducing the number of code lines you have to
write and the application development costs.

Of course you are not required to use .Net or Java, you can use many other
bricks. Java is an alternative in high level languages. If you love "old"
technologies you can either use C++ or Assembler, no one forbids you to
act that way and no one will condemn you to act so. They just "ease" the
programmer's job.

Kind regards,


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