[Mono-list] Mysql con.Close( ) problem

Roberto Zenteno roberto.zenteno at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 15:30:50 EST 2007

I have an ASP.NET application running on mono, mysql-5.0.26-12 and
bytefx-data-mysql- on Linux OpenSuse.

Suddenly my application started getting this error Too many connections, and
running a show processlist on the mysql console I could see the reason, more
than 100 connectios were open.

So I try to find the page that wasn´t closing the connections and I didn´t
found it.

So I wrote a simple page that executes a con.Open() and a con.Close()
sentences and inmediatly ran a show proccesslis on the console, and I got

| Id    | User     | Host                 | db              | Command | Time
| State | Info             |

| 2    | seewrite | localhost:45572 | DBempleos | Sleep       |    6
|          | NULL             |

The conection stays open unless I kill it.

Does anybody know what could be wrong.

Thank you.
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