[Mono-list] Compile mono in solaris

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Tue Jan 30 20:28:10 EST 2007

Hey guys,

I've finally managed to compile Mono ( on Solaris 10 x86  
(11/06). :-)

> It's been a while since we've had a valid build solaris from  
> monobuild.
> Our solaris x86 box went down, and the build is failing on sparc.

Any specifics on the failure?

> In general though, you should be able to find the necessary deps from
> either sunfreeware.com or blastwave.org.  Solaris 10 comes with  
> most, if
> not all, the deps.
>> From there, the process is similar to what you'd do on Linux.

Rubén, these resources have been helpful for me:
mono.aspx (Solaris) (new address!)

>> I would like compile the last sources in SVN for Solaris. Could  
>> anyone
>> tell me the steps that I have to follow?

I figured the easiest would be to use Solaris' gcc (3.4.3) installed  
to /usr/sfw/bin (instead of fetching a gcc from somewhere else just  
for Mono).

1) patch /usr/lib/pkgconfig/gthread-2.0.pc to replace the -mt option  
(see Jonel's blog)

2) set your PATH to include /usr/sfw/bin

3) configure (or for SVN: autogen) with -with-tls=pthread and use the  
following environment variables:
MAKE=gmake AR=gar
optionally also RANLIB=granlib and STRIP=gstrip
Solaris' ld and nm from /usr/ccs/bin (autodetected by configure)  
appear to work fine
I also did -with-libs=/usr/sfw/lib and -with-includes=/usr/sfw/ 
include just in case

4) gmake
not sure if CFLAGS=-D_POSIX_PTHREAD_SEMANTICS is still needed, I  
haven't tried recompiling without it yet

5) gmake install

6) optionally include Mono's bin in your PATH and its lib/ in  

Notice that mkbundle fails in gmake check on invoking "as" if you do  
not export AS=gas and CC=gcc.

For me, 4 CodeDom tests failed as well as lter on a number of zlib  
test and some with hostname errors, afterwards gmake check fails -  
still working on that part... doesn't seem to be too severe though.

Some issues with mono-service I reported from Jonel's 1.1.13  
Blastwave package are still unsolved (http://lists.ximian.com/ 
pipermail/mono-list/2006-March/030803.html), I will shortly file a  
bug report as it seems I didn't at the time. I also noticed an issue  
with the new mono-service2 that will likely be evident on other  
platforms as well, an incorrect assembly (mono-service2.exe) is being  



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