[Mono-list] Mod_mono directoy path issues.

Jim Canfield jcanfield at tshmail.com
Mon Jan 29 11:21:02 EST 2007


I recently inherited a small ASP web app which I'm trying to make work 
on a mod_mono linux server. I have it working about 90%, however, I'm 
having trouble with file paths that contain spaces and parenthesis .  
I'm wondering how I might fix this? 

Here is the code that calls and displays the file path:

//Get the file path
string path = new DataManager().GetSingleValueAsString(SQL);
this.EmbeddedFile.Text = "<IFRAME WIDTH='100%' HEIGHT='100%' 
NAME='DocumentFrame' SRC='DATA" + path + "'><EMBED SRC='DATA" + path + 
"' width='100%' height='100%'/></IFRAME>";

Example path would look like this:  \\webserver\DATA\Some directory with 
spaces\File with Space and paren(1).pdf

Is there a regex guru that might be able to conjur up some magic?  I'm a 
bit of a noob and .net is not a native tongue. Is this behavior expected 
anytime you move a .net app to a linux files system?

Thanks in advance,


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