[Mono-list] Compile with mono 1 or 2?

PauloMorfeo at portugalmail.pt PauloMorfeo at portugalmail.pt
Sun Jan 28 10:09:54 EST 2007

    In the editor X-Develop, when i select the platforms to compile with, it
shows me:
- Ms.NETs
- Mono 1.1.13 (1)
- Mono 1.1.13 (2)
- Mono 1.2... (1)
- Mono 1.2... (2)
    Or something similar. What is the diference between those 1s and the 2s?

    Please CC/BCC any response to me too.
    I am without Internet and, if i register to these mailing lists, when i come
check my mail, i will have a gazilion mails to check with this nasty

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