[Mono-list] Incorrect path interpretation(gacutil)

monoport gkj345kjg at mail.ru
Sat Jan 27 19:30:26 EST 2007

Thanks, Rafael.

Rafael Teixeira-3 wrote:
> Also, for now you can just cd into the directory containing the library
> and use gacutil with a relative path.
> like
> cd /root/XXX/XXX/XXX/
> mono "/usr/lib/mono/lib/mono/1.0/gacutil.exe" -i Assembly.dll
> :)

As I already said in the first post I'm using an utility 
for installation of near 15 assemblies at once.
It creates a gacutil process and passes parameters.
I'm not going to do this by hand on the destination user machine. :)

Rafael Teixeira-3 wrote:
> return (arg [0] == '-' || (arg [0] == '/' &&
> !arg.EndsWith(".dll") && arg.IndexOf('/', 1) < 0 ) );

And here my remarks:
1. Standard specifies that String.EndsWith performs a case-sensitive search.
Therefore assembly with the name
 assm.DLL won't work, or if an assembly without a .dll extension too.
2. The solution as I see is to 
- remove slash and leave only '-'(not a reliable one if again a relative
path starts from the '-')
- or add a special option (e.g. '-a' or '/a' indicating absolute path

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