[Mono-list] [Mono-dev] Need your help: Mainsoft/Novell "Race to Linux"

Joe Audette joe.audette at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 09:37:00 EST 2007

Hi Miguel,

I'm not sure if this qualifies as its not really porting per se but I
would be grateful for any help toward getting mojoPortal 2.x running
on Mono.

As you may know the mojoPortal project was started to build a cross
platform web site framework and has been dedicated to working on Mono
from the beginning. Currently we still support the 1.x branch of
mojoPortal on Mono but over the past year have gone on to take
advantage of the 2.0 ASP.NET features figuring that it was better to
do that than to wait until these features were implemented in Mono,
this way when the features are implemented in Mono we are ready.

In mojoPortal we have implemented a MonoDevelop Solution in addition
to the VS Solution so that mojoPortal can be compiled easily on linux
(and eventually be able to debug). I know that there is work under way
to be able to use VS Solutions/Projects natively in MonoDevelop but it
actually at the moment is better for us to use separate MonoDevelop
Solution and Projects because WebParts is not yet implemented in Mono
and having the separate MonoDevelop Solution/Projects allows us to
leave out that feature and build mojoPortal without it whereas if we
included them it would not compile.

The 2.x mojoPortal MonoDevelop Solution, mojoportal.mds currently
compiles for me without errors using SUSE 10.1 and MonoDevelop 0.12

At the moment we are blocked by a Segmentation fault

I'm sure once we get past that one there will be others to work
through but I am dedicated to doing anything I can to help the process

Personally I would find it disheartening to see the latest version of
DotNetNuke running on Mono before mojoPortal 2.x even if it is through
the magic of Grasshopper.

When mojoPortal 2.x can run under Mono it will mark a substantial
milestone in the Mono 2.0 ASP.NET implementation because then we will
know that it really works as intended with non-trivial apps that
really use the major new features in 2.0 ASP.NET

Best Regards,

Joe Audette

On 1/26/07, Miguel de Icaza <miguel at ximian.com> wrote:
> Hey folks,
>     Mainsoft and Novell are organizing an event to port applications
> from Windows to Linux using Mono or Grasshopper.
>     And we are looking for good candidates to port: we need some
> interesting, .NET-based open source applications that would be
> interesting to port to Linux.
>     If you have some suggestions of what could be a good challenge for
> an ASP.NET, Winforms or server app to port, please email me your
> suggestions.
> Miguel.
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