[Mono-list] IDE developing .net applications

Ben Timby btimby at gmail.com
Fri Jan 26 11:50:06 EST 2007

SharpDevelop runs only on Windows, so I can't use it.

VS.NET is a hog and only runs on Windows.

MonoDevelop constantly crashes on my machine with the experimental 
ASPNET and ASPNETEDITOR extensions. Without these it is really just 
another editor.

csharp-plugin for eclipse is very shaky, it only provides syntax 
highlighting and that is all, everything else must be configured 
manually (builds etc). If you are not familar with Eclipse, this is a 
tough row to hoe.

X-Develop is non-free and I ran into an issue getting it to work 
smoothly for mono. I am sure with time I could have worked out the 
issues, but I moved on before trying too hard.

Anjuta would not compile on my amd64 machine due to scintilla errors and 
KDevelop has no features for C#/mono.

A few weeks ago I tried out SciTE, it does syntax highlighting for C#, I 
configured it to invoke nant for builds (F7) and invoke xsp for the GO 
command (F5). It provides everything I need for development (multiple 
buffers, tabs, very fast, very configurable, very simple). Furthermore, 
it is able to parse the output of the compiler so it can jump right to 
the file/line where the error occurred. You can save your workspace, so 
it remembers the files you have open, this works like a poor man's project.

I would like to use MonoDevelop once again when it becomes more stable. 
For now I will use SciTE. I am used to using VS.NET 2003 at work, but I 
don't really *NEED* any of the crap it has that the other editors do 
not. Further I run Linux at home, so this is not an option for me 
anymore. I might miss the debugger but those mostly make you lazy anyway.

Madars Vitolins wrote:
> Hi folks
> I have trivial question,
> What IDE you use to develop Mono and (including asp.net) applications?
> Is it MS VS? Or MonoDevelop?
> I have a feeling that Visual Studio 2005 is very slow platform (from point
> of performance)
> Thanks,
> Madars.
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