[Mono-list] IDE developing .net applications

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Fri Jan 26 11:31:05 EST 2007

> Mono-Develop is ok 

I find Monodevelop to be pretty good.

> but kind of a pain to work with, in my experience.

It can be;  occasionally code completion stops working in the editor and
when you build your project it frequently doesn't catch the messages so
you have to look at the Build Output tab rather than the errors/warnings
tab and navigate to the errors yourself.  Those are the two things I've
noticed.  Otherwise recent versions are very stable;  it is certainly
the best solution if you don't run Windows.  The included Stetic
designer for Gtk# is quite nice as well.

> VS 2005 is good but automatically inserts a bunch of code that doesnt
> get along well with mono, so that stuff just has to be deleted.
> SharpDevelop has been the best option for me so far. I have few
> problems with it and it does everything I need it to.

Does SharpDevelop have much in the way of Gtk# support?

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