[Mono-list] different behaviour when running foo.exe and mono foo.exe

Jansen Bart bjansen at etro.vub.ac.be
Fri Jan 26 07:14:02 EST 2007

Hi all,


I just discovered mono and I'm very impressed by it.

I managed to get my C# application running which I developed before
using the Microsoft stuff.


Compilation with gmcs went fine.  Running foo.exe also goes fine, but
running mono foo.exe yields some problems.


In particular, the shortcut to a toolstripmenuitem is not working, i.e.
the ctrl-B key stroke is not handled.


[this.evaluateBufferToolStripMenuItem.ShortcutKeys =
((System.Windows.Forms.Keys)((System.Windows.Forms.Keys.Control |


Any suggestions on why this is not working under mono?


Kind regards.




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